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About 4th and Goal 2016

4th and Goal 2016 is another season of this very popular and interesting sport series game which was released in February 2016. This is an amazing edition where provides you with a lot of exciting matches.

In this game, you will control a football player and your mission is to score as many points as possible. 

Before starting a match, you will have to choose your team and your opponent team. Different from other previous editions that have only 2 teams, there will be 32 teams for you in this edition. You still have to choose the time for your match and the difficulty of your opponent. There are 4 difficulty's opponent levels including Rookie, Veteran, All Pro, and Hall of Fame. The first 2 levels are for the newbie and 2 other ones are for pro players.

When the match begins, you will have to try to get as many points as possible to be the winner. At the end of the match, the team with the higher score than another is the winner.

How to play 4th and goal 2016

  • Using the space bar to snap the ball
  • Using keyboard arrow keys to run the ball or play defense.
  • Using the space bar while running to spin the movement.
  • Using the space bar while playing defense for a big hit.
  • Using buttons A, S, and D to pass the ball on offense.
  • Using button W while running to boost speed.

4th and goal 2016 tips and tricks

  • You can block or intercept passes by hitting the ball.
  • Using the space bar while playing on defense can cause fumbles.
  • In addition, you also can play the game in full-screen mode to have the most interesting experience, pause, resume, restart or turn on/off the sound of the game screen.

4th and goal 2016 unblocked, how to play?

If you are a fan of this interesting game and want to play the game at your school. Unfortunately, your school blocks this game and you can’t play it. Don’t worry, you still can play 4th and goal 2016 unblocked at school on our website. Here, we provide you not only 4th and goal 2016 but also many other interesting unblocked games. So, come with us, you can play this cool game anywhere and anytime you want.

Now, don’t waste your time, let’s enter the game and enjoy your break times.

4th and Goal 2016 Walkthrough

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